“We need to move from Vanity to Humanity; conscious consumption is indeed the need of the hour,”  Anisha Oberoi Founder, Secret Skin

Anisha Oberoi moved to Dubai in 2019 and founded Secret Skin in 2020, a tech-enabled enterprise based in UAE for Sustainable Beauty with a focus on social and environment impact. Secret Skin’s mission is to support small businesses around the world in the sustainability space, and to raise the awareness of Women’s health through the narrative of Beauty. As an advocate of mindful living and women’s empowerment, Secret Skin’s story is very much her own story. 

“Back when I was fighting a year-long battle with breast carcinoma in 2010, I knew very little about clean skincare. There were hardly any natural, organic and toxin-free products available in the market. Given the toxicity of the medication I was being administered to combat the disease, I experienced drastic changes to my appearance that I was unable to camouflage using conventional beauty products, causing severe self-esteem issues. It was in this desperation that I was inspired to do something entrepreneurial around beauty and wellness so that I could make a difference to the lives of women like myself – by building a brand that people could trust. 

Secret Skin was born with a unique framework committed to ‘People, Planet and Purpose’. We are an ecommerce discovery platform that connects global conscious brands to beauty consumers in the Middle East. With our solution customers can buy affordable, toxin-free beauty and personal care products, and give back to the community. Our brands maintain high standards of product integrity, use ethically sourced ingredients (often through fair trade), are cruelty-free and gender-neutral with sustainability practices across the flywheel of sourcing, production, packaging and shipping. Through our Eco-Rewards program we enable customers to recycle their plastic bottles and be incentivized for pro-environment behavior in reducing their carbon footprint.”