ILIA Beauty is most commonly referred to as skincare powered make up. It regards skincare and makeup as one, and early on felt botanicals were not enough. Their potent formulas are designed with active levels of skincare ingredients that shield skin from environmental stressors. Ilia strongly believes in SPF, in that it protects and powers these actives, making them up to 200% more effective. Without it, those skin-saving ingredients deteriorate quickly when exposed to light.

ILIA Beauty formulates products from scratch, using a mix of natural, organic botanics and safe synthetics to ensure above-and-beyond performance. ILIA Beauty’s ethos is simple: not every natural ingredient is good for the skin, nor is every synthetic ingredient bad—it’s about finding balance. 

Founder of ILIA, Sasha Plavsic is considered a pioneer for the Clean Color movement. ILIA has broken through boundaries with innovative skin-centric formulas that are safe, effective and fuss-free in their approach..