A powerful story of resilience and inspiration, Cashmere Nicole founded Beauty Bakerie in 2011 with the mission to be sweet and sweeten the lives of others. During a challenging, but successful fight with breast cancer, Cashmere became extremely health conscious and research-driven about the products we put in and on our bodies. The Beauty Bakerie brand is a direct reflection of Cashmere’s perseverance and passion for both high quality, healthy ingredients that enhance the beauty in everyone, every day.

This cruelty-free, all-inclusive brand has been dubbed, ‘activists in makeup’ for being vocal about injustices that span a variety of issues. “I’ve always felt a sense of duty to use my platform to inform, to encourage & educate, to uplift, unite and inspire others to see the value in being sweet; being a person that looks beyond the surface for the things that truly make a difference in the world.”